Despite the weather and managing to get work done on the good days without rain and wind, there’s been great progress on the NIRT DD, we have replaced the missing second man opening window and have fixed the cab door windows.
This now makes the cab watertight and secure. The driver’s front glass panel will need replacing as it was damaged by vandals at Lamport.
We have replaced the boarded up door with the original door and it was painted.
We have now started in the guards compartment.
We fixed and cleaned the glass in the doors and have prepared the metal work for painting. The driver side guards compartment doors are next on the list.

It’s the first time for decades the NIRT DD has had all the doors in place and the cab and guards compartment made good.
Roll on the dryer weather!

As mentioned before we are in need of funds, if you can help with a donation or monthly standing order, the group would be very grateful. Details are on our website home page ( and our Facebook page.


Work on the last boarded up window on the drivers side. Installed the glass and now have a view of seat cushions! Will need to reinstall the interior door panelling once the mastic has cured. Had our lunch in the drivers cab just for a change. Guards doors on the 2nd man side interior panels have been reinstalled. Quick look in compartment A to work out how we can get the glass back in place and the compartment water tight.