Dear 4DD Supporters

The group’s committee held a meeting at the East Kent Railway Trust at Shepherdswell on 1 October and we felt that we should update you on our activities. I hope that this note summarises our recent activity for you information.

Main points of discussion were:

  • Note that we had successfully re-united the two surviving coaches at Sellindge when S13004 had been moved from Northampton to Kent in May.
  • An application to the Charity Commission for “CIO” Charitable status is being developed and it is hoped that this will be submitted before the end of the year.
  • As part of this application the following objectives for the project were agreed as:
  1. To preserve the 2 surviving double deck train coaches which were the only double deck trains ever operated by British Railways
  2. To restore these coaches to museum quality so that they can be presented to the public.
  3. To find an appropriate location to exhibit the coaches so that the public can view the restored units
  4. To run the coaches as operating units for the public to ride on.
  5. To preserve an artefact of commuting by railway in South East London in the 1940s and 1950s and to preserve and educate the public about the social and engineering aspects of this facet of post war life.
  6. To develop engineering skills for people carrying out the works to renovate the carriages

      Initial trustees for the group to be John Piper, Tim Parry, Peter de Lacy, Mark Hickmott, Kerry Hickmott, & David Keech

      Increases in site rental costs, insurance and services were noted. As were the setting up of a fund raising site at “Buy me a coffee”. Supporters are encouraged to visit the site and donate anything they can to help cover these increased running costs.

      Work to protect S13004 by painting it and covering it with tarpaulins to protect it through the coming winter is progressing.

      A fund raising campaign is planned once Charitable Status has been achieved. Current estimated to restore the two units is around £500,000. Also, a suitable location for public access to exhibit the units is needed.

      It is hoped the Keith Revill of KR Models will visit the units in November to photograph the KR model with the units.

      It is hoped that one of our supporters will be painting a portrait of the units to be used for publicity.

      Once again, thank you for your continued support.

      David Keech

      Secretary to the 4DD Group Committee

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