Day 1 of Operation NIRT DD.
Really good day, managed to fill the guards compartment 3/4 full of seats and backrests.
There’s a big wooden grate of parts and several A1 condition internal window frames and a few pieces of curved glass.
All but one compartment are cleared of items, just one to do, once the door is opened.
All compartments cleared have been swept, all that needs doing is to get 2 sheets of plywood to panel of the missing doors and strap the doors closed for transporting.
There’s 3 doors that house the forced air equipment, these are just about hanging on.
A really good day, thanks go out to Steve Godfrey from the NIRT, for opening up the site.
He also makes a great cup of tea.

Day 2 Operation NIRT DD.
Joined by Graeme Gleaves , Steve Smith and Chris Revell from Graeme’s group.
Brought 8 sheets of 3.6mm 4ft x 2ft plywood to seal up the missing doors and forced air compartments.
Finish filling the guards compartment with spare seats etc.
We have spare glass for the guards compartment doors, window mechanisms some large curved glass, both missing doors and forced air doors found and in the guards compartment.
All the door handles found, and light fittings.
Overall successful.
From today we are the new owners.
We also met Nick Robinson’s sons today, really great guys.
The plan, they aim to do the track moving in a couple of weeks. The DD will be shunted into the loading area the following week, then the Haulage Company will come and load approximately 1 to 2 weeks later.
The DD does move ok.
When I have a date, the NIRT would like as many people as possible to help.
Overall great weekend.
Thanks to everyone at the NIRT for making us welcome.