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Double Decker News

No work was carried out on the Double Deck last weekend as members where elsewhere.

The first bit of news is the Bullied 4DD EMU supporters group has been featured in the Hawkinge Gazette, which has plenty of photos and talks about the history of the double decker and our group’s aims.


Last Friday and Saturday Graeme Bevan Stewart and I visited the Railway Museum, York to look at the drawings the museum had. This has turned a little complicated for the following reasons.

  1. The drawings for the Double Decker are not all listed as “Double Decker”. Some are listed as “Prototype” or “DD”
  2. Also, the wheels were superseded at some point and the museum do not possess a drawing of this.

On the subject of wheels, the Double Decker’s original cast wheels, as it was stated on the original website, were only fitted on the trailers. i would like to correct this because they were fitted to the motor coaches too. Also whilst at the Railway Museum, we were able to look through their library and we found several more sources. These will be added to the reference page.

Regarding events; we are due to attend our first event on the 23rd April and also an event on the 6th April. Details are below.

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