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All the compartments

On the 17/03/2019. Me, Stephen Chambers, Clare Chambers, Davd Chambers and Ben on site today. Main thing was to finish clearing the last two compartments (A and B) and refitting the front tarpaulin after it blew off. After removing years of rubbish from every compartment. I can now gladly say that the Double Decker is empty. It still has its interior fittings inside. But it gives us a better idea of what work is required.

One Empty Compartment.

After finishing cleaning up. Steve Chambers took some parts home to clean them. They have come up really well. The results below speak for themselves. A interesting fact is the vents are made by a company called HS & C Ltd, widney and they have the coach number indivdually stamped on each part. The comapny is still going today.

One cleaned ventilator vent.

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