David Deadman retired Driver has started to build his Modern Traction Kits 4-DD brass and white metal kit (MTK) the following pictures and text are by David.

Here are some photos and captions of my Modern Traction Kits 4-DD brass and white metal kit. Having gone onto the RM web, I found out in horror (after tussling to get one of the inner ends soldered to one of the motor coaches that they are 3.5mm too narrow and the floors are 2.5mm as well. So, Plastikard has come to the rescue again. MTK bogies are useless, so I’ve converted Bachmann Bulleid bogies to give some presentation of the prototype. The 14mm wheels have been replaced with Hornby 12.6mm disc wagon wheels and look convincing even though they are 0.6mm too big in diameter.

David will send me more pictures as the build progresses.


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