Apologies for the lack of posts about the Sellindge 4DD, we’ve been busy behind the scenes! Christmas and New Year inbetween!

Just before Christmas 2018, we were told about The NRM Disposals List. On the list was several items of interest which looked like items for the 4DD. I pleased to say we were correct, the Sellindge 4DD Owners were successful in obtaining, not just 1 upper deck large piece of curved glass, but 2! and 3 flat lower pieces of glass. We were also successful in getting a pallet of EMU pick up shoes and associated items. Christmas came early in 2018 for the group.

No work has been done on the Sellindge 4DD, as we’ve been busy sorting out decades of rubbish, old cars and clearing out the 2 storage container of very wet junk! We need to fix the roof on one container and replace doors on another. All work planned for January, ready for the DD’s strip down!

Steve Chambers and Mark Hickmott fitting the new tarpaulin to the container

The Sellindge 4DD owners will be attending several shows in the coming months. Crewe Heritage Centre, Best of British Railways Event, Saturday 23rd March, 10.00am 4.30pm, in March. The East Surrey N gauge show, Purley on the 6th April 2019. Look out at Heritage Railway events for John Piper with his stands, Southern Electric Group & The Network South East Association. John, helps our group with publicity handing out our flyers and soon our Tri-fold information leaflet, with Membership and Donation details. Thanks John, for all your support since 2016, its very much appreciated.

NEW WEBSITE! We’ll have a new website shortly: www.bulleid4dd.org.uk If you have any questions you contact us via the contact page of the website.

Mark Hickmott , Chairman, Bulleid 4DD Double Deck EMU Supporters Group


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