It’s with very deep sadness, I have to write this. Ian Ross passed away in his sleep yesterday 4/7/2018. I have been contacted by his Niece Pauline Fowler, I don’t have any further detail yet. As soon as I do I will let you all know. I’m still in shock and a bit lost for words, he will be very much missed by all and his many Facebook friends.

Update 23/7/2018

Ian had a good send off, he was a highly respected member of Marks & Spencer. Ian had worked there since living school. Marks & Spencer had to find extra staff to cover duties at their Mable Arch HQ, that’s how popular Ian was!

It was good to meet Ian’s family, as we know, Ian had time for everyone and Ian’s family was the same too. Chris Hurst & I would like to say a very big thank you for all the kind words about our project to restore the 4DD.

Ian had passed on so much info about our group to everyone who was at the Funeral, it seems Ian’s hard work had paid off, something that was Ian’s speciality and will be an act hard to follow! I would like to thank everyone on behalf of the Bulleid 4DD Double Deck EMU Supporters Group for all the donations for the restoration of the Sellindge 4DD unit. It’s very much appreciated. We will in time have a brass plaque made in Ian’s name and there will be a compartment named after him, along with the Late Alan Brierly and Esmond Lewis Evans.

Ian, you stood by me when I proposed “let’s stop talking about restoring the DD and get on and do it”. Back in October 2015. Remember we were told we would never get to meet the owner, talk to the owner or let alone work on the 4DD. We did meet the owner, we did talk to the owner and we worked on the 4DD. You were always there, if not at Sellindge, out and about promoting the group, on Facebook finding so much info on the unit and the locations it ran to! You was a mind of knowledge and without your support, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Without Ian’s help with setting up our original website, printing flyers and generally keeping the group a float with publicity has been without a doubt, a major factor in getting us where we are today.

Thank you Ian, Rest in Peace, you’ll be forever remembered.


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